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Client Feedback

My old resume was not getting me interviews and I became frustrated.

A friend referred me to DBR HR and within weeks of receiving my new resume, I was getting called for interviews.

I am now fully employed!

Marcus J,
Hospitality Professional

Donna N,
VP Food Brokerage

David, at DBR HR, was instrumental in transforming my lengthy resume, with years of experience in my industry, into a pointed clear and concise executive document.

I was grateful for his attention to detail, and exciting fresh ideas, that resulted in a marketing tool.  David’s insights into recruiters’ and HR directors’ perspectives was invaluable.  He further lent his expertise in reference and follow up letters.  David’s unique talent at DBR HR, is his rare ability to give us the benefit of his years of experience and insight, into what will evoke a phone call, email, and ultimately interview. 

Thank you David!

Portia K,
Accounting Coordinator

I was afraid to apply for jobs because I didn't think my resume would catch any attention or represent my work potential well to hiring managers.

DBR HR took my resume and completely revamped it!  I was asked probing questions to get me thinking about the value I will bring to my future employer. They updated the style of my resume, and made some additions that I would have never thought to make on my own. DBH HR also made my accomplishments stand out, making it easy for hiring managers to identify my successes. They patiently worked with me throughout the interactive process and helped me to compose a list of skills and accomplishments that I could not have developed on my own.

I greatly appreciate the hard work of the team at DBR HR!

Steven Z,
Marketing Specialist

DBR HR was referred to me by a friend when I voiced I was working on my resume yet again. They were able to do what others have not. My resume was made crisp and clean, making it a stronger read and to the point. The team at DBR HR asked the right questions, prying more when needed.

I highly recommend DBR HR consulting and resume writing services.

Caprice N,
IT Field

I highly recommend DBR HR for their help on my resume. Throughout the redevelopment of my resume they maintained a professional, calm, and caring demeanor. Not only did they provide an exceptional final product, but excellent coaching as well.

After my resume project was completed, I reached out to David for specific advice on interview tips and finally how to move offer negotiations to a close. David promptly and thoroughly answered my questions to move the negotiations forward in a proficient and effective manner while helping me earn the salary my expertise merits. I appreciate David for his candid yet respectful approach throughout the process.

Thanks for your help DBR HR!