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Make Sure Your Resume is Ready Before the Lay Off


Is your resume ready for an unexpected job search?

In today’s economy, we never know if we are safe from the next round of layoffs, in the companies we have worked so hard to build and make successful.

Perhaps you have conducted several rounds of layoffs yourself and know it is just a matter of time before you are next. Worse yet, maybe you have already been let go.

What we
can do
for your

At DBR HR we are here to help you.

Ensure your resume and related documents are perfected before you engage with a future employer. Allow us to give you a free consultation, we will review your resume and give you honest feedback. Many times we can improve your resume dramatically with regards to content and design format. It is essential that you think of your resume as a Sales and Marketing tool, not an encyclopedia full of long text and dry information.

We will work with you, be frank about our perceptions of your resume and related career documents, all while delivering our message in a relaxed friendly way. We will also help you to identify what is relevant and significant for your perfect resume document and what is better left to discuss in an interview.

While you are here take a look around and visit our client feedback page. In the meantime, click our chat button if you have any questions. If  we are not engaged in chat, send us a brief email message.

We offer a variety of solutions to showcase your skills and talents, making you more marketable in today's competitive job market.

Good luck on your career journey!